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Welcome to Savai'i, Samoa...
vaimoanaVa-i-moana (literally oceans apart) is Samoa's only seaside lodge - a unique property on the big island of Savai'i that has an amazing history and an excellent reputation with tourists. Va-i-moana Seaside Lodge is the perflect blend of value for money accommodation (breakfast and dinner is included) with the facilities of a resort - and the character of a venue that has hosted many happy visitors.


Relatively new as a seaside lodge, the land was once used as residence grounds for American sawmill workers 40 years ago - and is still a place creating wonderful memories for visitors. The lodge offers swimming, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, volleyball and basketball as well as fantastic tours of local sights that are legendary around the world.  It also boasts three bars, an offshore island that was an old airstrip, and local culinary delights that you can help make yourself.  And of course there is the ability to just relax and take in the serenity of Savai'i - the largest and more unpopulated island in Samoa. Now that’s something for everyone.


Va-i-moana has hosted many a happy visitor who have said great things on Trip Advisor.  That's because their philosophy is simple - meet expectations for accommodation and facilities, and exceed them with service and ambience.  The lodge is really a huge homestead where people are treated like family and honoured as guests.  And don't forget the treats like the crayfish dinners on the beach!

So share the culture, enjoy the hospitality and relax in one of the most intriguing properties in Savai'i.  And don't forget to check out Va-i-moana's hot deals - they really are value for money.